Congress Program

The scientific program of the congress will feature plenary sessions led by regional experts, delving into pivotal topics such as Nutrition, Vaccination, Environmental Health, Infectious Diseases, Social Pediatrics, Pediatric Wellness, Pediatric Research, and Digital Health. Simultaneous sessions will cater to various subspecialties in pediatrics, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the different fields for both the general pediatricians and subspecialists. The pre-congress sessions are being crafted to capacitate the delegates with the latest developments in the field of pediatrics.

Beyond the academic scope, this congress will showcase the history and culture of Cebu City. Delegates and their companions will have the opportunity to engage in a diverse array of social and cultural events thoughtfully curated by the organizers.


Scientific Program

REGULAR PRE-CONGRESS SESSIONS: Morning Sessions (10:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
NOTE: Participants are free to move to another topic room in that morning or afternoon, provided there are available seats. All Regular Pre-Congress Module Topics will be held within the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. During registration, the selection of AM/PM Module Topics is needed to make sure each room will not exceed its capacity limits.
Pre-Congress Module 1 Topic: Neurology
    • Review of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Febrile Seizures in Infants and Children
    • First Unprovoked Seizure in Children: Evaluation and Management
Pre-Congress Module 2 Topic: Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
    • Evaluating School Readiness: Ready.. Get Set.. Go to School
    • The New Curriculum After the Pandemic
    • School for Thought: Choosing the Right School for Your Child
Pre-Congress Module 3 Topic: Neonatology
    • Non-Invasive Ventilatory Strategies in Newborn Infants
    • Pre-Discharge Bilirubin Screening Among Filipino Newborn Infants
Pre-Congress Module 4 Topic: Allergology
    • Case-based Pediatric Emergencies Workshop: Anaphylaxis
    • Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) Guidelines 2023
REGULAR PRE-CONGRESS SESSIONS: Afternoon Sessions (2:00 to 4:00 PM)
Pre-congress Module 5 Topic: Hematology
    • Patient Blood Management
    • Neonatal and Pediatric Transfusion Guideline
    • Recognizing and Managing TARs
Pre-congress Module 6 Topic: Pulmonology
    • How to Choose the Asthma Maintenance Medications
    • Proper Use of Asthma Gadgets
    • Frequently Asked Questions on Asthma
Pre-congress Module 7 Topic: Nephrology
    • Updates on Fluid Management of an Acutely Ill Child to Prevent AKI
    • AKI: AKI Basics to Biomarkers and Anything in Between
    • Beverage Hydration Index: A New Kid on the Block
Pre-congress Module 8 Topic: Cardiology
    • Introduction to the Policy Brief Recommendation of Metabolic Syndrome in Children
    • The Red Flags of Obesity and Overweight: Screening Recommendation
    • The Pre-Diabetes Curb in Children
    • All About Blubbers: Hyperlipidemia and Fatty Liver
    • Mercury Rising Alert: Hypertension in Children – Treatment and Control of Risk Factors
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